A greener and cleaner alternative to the conventional waste management system.

ClearWasteTM is a low-cost and modular unit that converts various forms of waste into useful by-products such as construction materials. Unlike incinerators, ClearWasteTM does not operate on fuel, nor does it generate harmful ash and emissions. ClearWasteTM runs on renewables to drive an environment friendly decomposition process. It is a novel and proprietary waste management solution that converts all forms of waste streams into reusable and recyclable by-products, alleviating the need for further landfilling and incineration.

ClearWasteTM is a patented, revolutionary, low energy and inexpensive technology that converts all forms of waste streams into reusable and recyclable products whilst eliminating 96% of the input stream.

  • Chamber Volume:
  • Dimension:
    Bare Unit: 4000mm (L) x 1878mm (W) x 2234m (H)
    Conveyor: 3000mm (L) x 700mm (W) x 2000m (H)
  • Total Weight of Machine:
    6 ton
  • Power:
    4.5 kW
  • Daily processing capacity up to 5000 kg
  • Loading tray for ease of waste loading
  • Operation through control panel
  • Operated on electric power
  • Chamber Volume:
  • Dimension:
    2260mm (L) x 1320mm (W) x 3000mm (H)
  • Total Weight of Machine:
    5 ton
  • Power:
    3.5 kW
  • Daily processing capacity up to 2500 kg
  • Loading tray for ease of waste loading
  • Operation through control panel
  • Operated on electric power

What is ClearWaste?

ClearWaste is a technologically advanced unit made to handle all types of domestic waste (with up to 80% moisture content) and plastic waste.

What is the capacity of the ClearWaste unit?

The Unit comes in two (2) sizes:

  • 2.5 tonnes/day
  • 5 tonnes/day

How is ClearWaste different from currently available methods?

  • The ClearWaste unit can handle all types of domestic and plastic waste except metal, glass and ceramics (which are recyclable materials).
  • The Unit processes these wastes into EcoDust.

How big is the ClearWaste unit?

The ClearWaste unit is compact and occupies a single car-parking lot. The weight of the Unit ranges from 5 tonnes (2.5 TPD) to 6 ton (5 TPD) and 10 Ton for Containerised versions.

Key advantages of the ClearWaste unit?

  • Small, Compact and Modular
  • Suitable for de-centralised operations
  • Suitable for all types of environments
  • Occupies a small space
  • Runs on Electric Power
  • Mobile and agile
  • Smoke is filtered and chemically treated before discharge
  • Handles all types of waste except for metal, glass and ceramics
  • 24/7 operation is possible
  • Low running cost and operating cost
  • By-product generated is EcoDust, which is recycled for use as fertiliser, building construction material, etc.

What happens to the waste after treatment in the ClearWaste unit?

  • The ClearWaste unit converts waste into water vapour (2.5 TPD and 5 TPD units).
  • The by-product that is left is EcoDust.

Are the emissions and by-products generated by the ClearWaste unit safe for the environment and meet regulatory standards?

  • The negative ion effect of the plasma reactors enables a decrease and suppression of Dioxins and Furans
  • ClearWaste units meet the regulatory requirements for Emissions, EcoDust and liquid discharged
  • ClearWaste units come with on-site testing and certification for Emissions, EcoDust and liquid discharged
  • The 2.5 TPD and 5 TPD units, being smokeless, only emit water vapour
  • The other by-product generated by the unit is EcoDust, which is organic in nature

What is the content of the EcoDust and what is the quantity of EcoDust generated by the unit per day?

  • The EcoDust, being organic in nature, can be used as fertiliser, construction materials or for landfills.
  • The unit generates 4% of EcoDust – equivalent to 100 kg (for a 2.5 TPD unit) and 200 kg (for a 5 TPD unit) per day.

What is the technology behind the ClearWaste Unit?

  • ClearWaste Unit uses a revolutionary plasma thermal decomposition technology to treat domestic and plastic waste.
  • To achieve optimal operation, it also uses patented Graphene Refractories and Fluidised Bed Reactor technologies.

What kind of moisture levels is the ClearWaste Unit able to handle?

  • For the best operational efficiency, the ClearWaste can handle waste with up to 80% moisture level.
  • If the moisture content is consistently higher than 80%, it is recommended that the ClearWaste Waste Compactor is utilised to condition the waste for treatment by the Unit.

What is the operating temperature achieved by the ClearWaste Unit?

The Unit achieves maximum temperatures of 1050°C (2.5 TPD) and 1350°C (5 TPD).

How much electricity does the ClearWaste unit consume?

The 2.5 TPD unit uses 3.5 kW/hour electricity (10 kw for Containerized) and the 5 TPD unit uses 4.5 kW/hour electricity(12 kw for Containerized).

What are the operational requirements of the ClearWaste unit?

The ClearWaste unit needs little operational assistance. Once started, only an hourly feed of the waste into the unit is required (at 0.4m3 volume or 85-160 kg/hour)

Does the ClearWaste unit need extensive site works?

  • The ClearWaste unit comes fully installed inside a container and ready to start at a site on short notice.
  • Only a levelled land and a small shed at the site is required to house this unit.

Does the ClearWaste unit need an extremely skilled operation?

  • The ClearWaste unit is designed for operation by semi-skilled operators.
  • The unit needs periodic feeding of waste into the unit.
  • The operator will be provided or trained during commissioning stages.

What are the spares and consumables required for the ClearWaste units?

  • ClearWaste unit comes with one (1) year spares supplied together with the unit.
  • The spares are defined in the operation manual for reference.
  • The ClearWaste unit uses special Filtration and Liquid media to filter all the harmful gases – to be replaced every quarterly.
  • The filter media are treated by the ClearWaste unit making it Zero-Waste unit.
  • The liquid media after filtration can be safely discharged out to the environment.

Where can the ClearWaste unit be deployed to?

The ClearWaste unit is the most optimal solution for

  • Landfills
  • Plastic Waste Disposal
  • Islands
  • Slums and Rural areas
  • Industrial and E-Waste
  • Mountains and Forest Parks
  • Post-Disaster response areas
  • Medical Waste

What are the delivery timelines and site commissioning times taken for ClearWaste units?

  • ClearWaste units are plug and play units as supplied
  • Ex Factory dispatches are available within 4-6 weeks
  • ClearWaste takes maximum 2-3 days for commissioning and start-up at the site

Where is ClearWaste manufactured?

The ClearWaste is presently assembled in Malaysia.

Are ClearWaste units currently in use and working successfully?

ClearWaste has been supplied to and are working successfully in numerous locations in Malaysia and overseas for many years

  • Landfills – the Philippines @ 1 year
  • Plastic Waste Disposal – China @ 1 year
  • Domestic Waste – Malaysia, Cambodia @ 6 months