>The uniqueness of our solution makes it very easy to tackle the solid waste management problem in a very holistic and cost effective manner.


The outside air which goes through the plasma reactors process flows into the EWC Unit as the process air plasma force causes thermal decomposition.

Layers are formed inside the EWC without flaming combustion; furnace wall is free from being heated to high temperature.

Effluent gas meets the external air of which plasma force process is applied, the dioxin and stink in the effluent is decreased or eliminated.


Low Cost

Low running & maintenance cost

Cost effective waste disposal system in the market

Ton/ton, only @10-20% of the incineration plant ( excl. land)

Less trips to landfill, higher productivity

Low Emission

Decrease and Suppressions of Dioxin

Permanent plasma reactors are installed around the inlet area

Negative ion effect of these plasma reactors enables decrease and suppression of Dioxin


Processed ash can be recycled to materials for building construction

Processed ash can be mixed with sawdust and be used as organic fertilizer

Plasma ion fluid which is toxic free and rich with minerals could be used for watering of plant.


Capacity of 2 Ton/Day and 4 Ton/Day

Moisture content ratio less than 80%

Handles all type of waste except for metal and glass

Low running cost and operating cost

Runs through solar power and electricity

Smoke is filtered and chemically treated before discharge

24/7 operation is possible

Processed ash can be recycled as fertilizer, building construction, etc.