Disinfection of potable water was one of the main improvements to public health in the 20th century where the use of chemical disinfectants in municipal waterworks reduced the waterborne diseases by far. Among different chemicals only chlorine, ozone and chlorine dioxide are of economic relevance.

Why Choose GraphEAT™?

Reduce Chemicals

Reduce disinfection chemicals by 30%

Safer Operation

Safer operation as Cl2 gas generator is not required

Prevent Corrosion

Prevents corrosion and scale

Lower Capex

Lower capex

Nano Molecules

Nano sized molecules are 10X more soluble in water than chlorine

Prevent Biofilm

Prevents biological fouling / biofilm

Easy Maintenance

Ease of maintenance as there is no handling of chemicals

Stable & Pure

Stable ClO2 with purity of 99.9999%

Lower Footprint

Lower footprint


Nano-chlorinated chlorine dioxide disinfects and sanitises in seconds, where other microbiocides can take many hours or even days to work