Quantum Water

Locating proven underground water source can be time consuming and expensive. As an alternative to practiced conventional geological survey, we have developed a cutting edge technology which locates underground water sources.

How it Works

Satelite Computing Imaging

This technology is one of its kind and utilises satellite computing imagery and earth condition analysis to pin point the underground water source. This is carried out at our geological facilities in Germany.
Marking of the exact spot for drilling is obtained utilising 3 GPS transponders. Once the location has been identified, our team will carry out the drilling activities.
We offer 100% guaranteed service where we only get paid if we are able to successfully locate a water source.


Why Choose Quantum Water?

Quantum Water is the best solution in the market for locating underground water source.

It minimises the risk of failed drilling activities which in turn reduces the cost associated to locate a underground water source.

It has the capability to find water sources even in areas that conventional geological methods have failed to produce.


Typical imagery of water source location & water quality estimation